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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

How Cheap Fashion can be!

Ever got a feeling today's fashion can be a dejavu? How fashionistas today can totally look the same from your great grandmother's? Like what your wearing today that sheer top paired with a polka dot high waisted skirt all look the same with the old age photo during your mother's high school days?

Well, that's fashion! Its revolutionary cycle just makes itself go round and round.

The good news is instead you dodge your way into the crowd looking for that perfect vintage wears, you can just go through you grandma's "treasures chest" and look for the gold. Or you can find a map and head your way down in finding the treasure just like what I did.

The place was not really as gold shining as you can imagine, it is still at its rough state waiting to be mined to truly appreciate its real beauty. Thus, thrift shop rings a bell? It should be.

Weekend will never be such without paving my way to the crowded hall of Night Cafe. It is where Kagay-anons all go. It's every Fridays and Saturdays. It's a long line up of all kinds of street food, RTWs, bags, accessories, everything. But what I always look forward to is the all time thrift stalls.

I was walking my way to the other end of the line and got my eyes on this.

brown satchel bag

A brown satchel bag. Look how perfect it is. For sure, you'll be green in envy by the time I tell you the price. P120 That's it no more no less for a bag at this best. I was totally smiling the whole time walking towards the other end of food line for dinner. For afterwards, I'll be meeting for the shoes I bought online. But since it took longer than I thought I walked my again to that line and again found these.

geometric highwaist pants
I don't know how to describe this or even the name of the style. All I was thinking is that it's perfect with a black top.

sheer polo
Then, the sheer polo I had been longing to have. Just what I have imagined. It is a baby blue.

sheer floral crop top
The two was supposed to be enough already but since for a reason later I will tell, I added this anyway. Another sheer crop top.

And the reason is that I actually bought these three for only P100. Oh come on!

How Cheap Fashion can be.

And ohe I almost forget about the sheos. It is actually a topsider. Baby Pink.
pink topsider

Everything in one night. And I still have two others coming to my doorsteps. I still bought them through online and they should be here already in a while.



30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 04 Your Views on Religion

Day 04: My Views on Religion

OM! Can I just skip this day and proceed to the next because I am not really used to writing such. Uhm! Religion...mmmh

Religion is the set of beliefs, rituals, practices in relation to spirituality and moral values. As for me, it is like a label just trying to tell something about this person. Labels can tell great things about a person but to some they remain as pure labels unnecessary and useless. But I have no intention to go against it because I myself is a Roman Catholic.

Apart from the many religions in the world, there is always that one thing that unites everybody. Sad thing is it is not great enough to retain unity in the midst of calamity at its extremity.

When was the last time you attended mass? Well, it must be a week ago or just last Sunday. But how about when was the last time you remember God and just visited him at the church? It must be only your mother who wakes you up for a Sunday mass and never from you.

As for me, I could not remember anymore as to when was my last attendance at Church but it does not mean that I lose my beliefs already. It is my faith that keeps me going and so does to all of you.

To make my thoughts short since I am having a hard time organizing it, religion without faith is equivalent to no religion at all. Religion as mentioned from the first paragraph pertains to different practices and beliefs and others but without faith, those will just be nothing.

That's all. I apologize for the unorganized thought scattered in this post. I'll just try my best next time.hihi



30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 03 Your Top 5 Pet Peeves

Day 03: My Top 5 Pet Peeves

Honestly, I am not really the kind of person who is easily annoyed or should I say it is because I am mostly the reason others get annoyed. Nah! Not really, I punch jokes but not too much and I stop if the air of annoyance starts. But below is my top pet peeves anyway.

1. When you ask a stranger and does not even care to answer
- One very good example was when I was about to ride a jeepney. I am not yet familiar with the RA or RB signs of where their routes are so I thought asking was the best idea. I was wearing that time a very planned outfit so I had the confidence but to my dismay, none even bothered to answer. They were just like in a stare blank. I did not know if they got intimidated by me or they are just physically incapable.gggr So, I went inside the jeepney to ask the driver himself and it was the wrong route so I passed the passengers with "GGGGRRR" because if they have had answered that time, I would have not wasted my time climbing inside.

2. When Trisikad Drivers reject you as a passenger
- The only time when I commute myself is when I am going out alone and most of the time I am with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, every time I go out by myself, I always end up in this situation and I don't really know why. They must be thankful passengers are coming after them as if their ride is that beautiful.(d baya jd)

3. When people are being "feelingera"
- We have this mini canteen at our place so sometimes if I have a free time, I help in entertaining customers especially when the place is already very crowded and really needs help. Then, there was this customer who really feels as if she was the star that day and asking one of the in charge who that time was me like asking "yaya" to do stuffs of this and that.Grrr And she can't even wait that she literally pokes me by her hand not even seeing the number of customers. She should be thankful I have this long patience because if not I would really give her a "Who you?" look and have a "walk-out show".

4. When someone stares at you from head to toe
- This just annoys me without no particular reason and even if I am just having a paranoid issue especially when I am not really at my best outfit and I feel like they are looking at me as if I have done something wrong.

5. When a "super FC" approaces you
- Now, this is the winner. I am being friendly as much as possible as I can but when there are people who are not yet that close to me and they approach me as if we are best friends. And I hate that especially with all the touching stuffs....mmmh



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 02 Where you'd like to be in 10 years?

Day 02: Where you'd like to be in 10 years?

Honestly, I had been dying to write this second day blog challenge (I apologize for a one day delay) but later did I just find out that it is a "where" for I thought it was a "what". Thoughts had already been occupied in my mind the moment I had mistakenly read it such as, "I'll be a full time traveler writing all my journeys and a part time nurse." Now, I just need to make another from scratch again.mmmh So, I'll start with...

Today, Oct 26, '11, currently looking at these lovely girls from gossip girls posing their best shot at Paris. Gossip girl is such an epic and obviously one of my favorite TV series. I couldn't describe more, it's not another girly girly show that sooner or later it just gets boring. Aside from the gossip girls, it's the place that I also love. Hey, who else does not want Paris. Paris is love. And if ever I am gonna choose where my honeymoon would be, definitely it would be Paris.

gossip girl in paris
gossip girl paris

10 years after, well, the picture speaks for themselves. I will be in Paris drinking a cup of coffee and who knows I'll be best friends with the gossip girls and hanging out with them in just an ordinary Wednesday.

me at paris

Sorry, Blaire, you are not anymore in the upper east side of Manhattan and some things just need to be changed. I bet I need a welcome greeting here. Bubye Blaire.

me and gossip girls at paris

Don't worry B, you know it's just my nature, we're friends anyway so I figure we need to catch up and bringing along S might the best idea.

Now, that is a dream. Well, it's the future and we can never tell. xoxo



30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 01 My Current Relationship

Day 01: My Current Relationship

in a relationship status

Yup! He's the one, my partner in life. Not only my current but my forever relationship. Why I am so sure about the forever there because I know that I can hold on with my relationship to him that long and even more. And it just makes me laugh every time I hear people say stuffs like "You can't tell if you are meant forever" when actually it's us who are making our destiny so we can definitely say it.

As you can see from the picture, arrows intersect each other to point the correct order of the pictures. The center was taken when we were not yet officially in a relationship yet we had that kind of "corny" picture. It was just for fun experimenting his brother's DSLR, practicing our acting in front of it and posing our best. Then, the next picture if you follow the arrow, we were already official that time. We planned to both wear shirts from Cebu since we did not have yet our own couple shirts. Then, the rest of the pictures were the different couple shirts we had bought already. The first one was a ready made, we just bought it at a department store while the second one was customized and I was the one who designed it. But now both the shirts are with me already since Jude got bigger and obviously the shirt got smaller for his size. Then, the last one, was the latest one, Batman Forever and so is our relationship, forever.

We are now a year and more, still counting and I am very blessed I found this guy. I love you,
Mark Jude Flores!



Travel Premiere's 1st Monthsary Challenge!

To celebrate my blog's first monthsary, I am up for a challenge. I have not yet grasp the camera I had been aiming for yet so I settle for the most possible challenge I could afford. And the only thing that I am capable of or could afford for the meantime is my writing. Who knows by the next month, I'll be holding my camera already and I brace for any challenge it can do for me.

Before I introduce the said challenge, I will first turn back time 30 days ago or just highlight some points. For Sept-Oct, I was able to at least got one real travel entry about the Eco-Tourism, attended a Blogging Workshop and had fun with the Oktoberfest. All in all the month ended with satisfaction that at least there were things that were in line with my blog's title since today, I had some unrelated travel categories for you to be get lost with. Well, those were actually the things to prevent this blog from remaining dormant. Hopefully, everything will fall out into its proper places as the coming months will come.

To end your moments of waiting, I hereby present my First Monthsary Challenge: 30-Day Blog Challenge. Right after publishing this post, I'll start my first day challenge and I can't wait any longer. So here it is.

30 day blog challenge

I will add some twist by making a scrapbook-like picture for every entry.




CDO Bloggers: Blogging Workshop!

As they say, it's better be late then never, the phrase I'd been holding on for that day when I climbed my way up to the 3rd floor King Arthur Room at Loretos to attend the Blogging Workshop. Humiliated as I entered the room and made it worst when the stage was beside the entrance so I was welcomed by the eyes of the audience. Anyhow, at least I perfectly planned my outfit for the day giving them two options either to stare at me for being late or stare in admiration.(haha I wish) FYI I was late for 3 hours and that was because of the vaccine shots I was giving the whole morning which extended to the early hours of the afternoon.

When I was able to find my way to my seat, I spotted the tables full of empty plates and coke bottles and I was so about to cry if I ever not gonna have my share since there was free food. I was able to think a lot of things in my mind such as I would just gonna take out my free food or remain hungry for the rest of the hours.haiz But at least minutes later, I was approached by one of the CDO bloggers, the same guy that led the way while finding an available seat, and asked my choices of food. Yes! I answered "anything" but deep within I wonder what his reaction would be if I'd change it to "everything".haha Then, I was served with a plate full of varieties of viand with only one rice. And honestly, the food was terribly delicious.

I think this is my certificate of joining the workshop since my name is incorrectly spelled, I have no right to own it if ever there are others claiming for it.haha

certificate blogging workshop

There were a lot of freebies together with the certificate so I guess my laptop deserved those.

blogger's laptop

This is the laptop of a blogger. You can tell by just a look with the stickers.

And I almost forgot to share about my winner experience. I won a raffle and got the
Sumilao Corn Coffee as the prize.



A Different Shoterday!

It was a long time ago when I already dropped the sessions for drinking and the only drinks that had preoccupied my weekends for the past few days were just mere occasional shots and events purposes. But just last Saturday, I had a different shot. Different because it was not I who had it instead I was the one who gave it to 59 persons all in all. It was the flue vaccine shot. I was tasked to inject it to all the employees and their families on the list.

And for a couple of days or months from now already was I not been in a hospital and and practicing my nursing skills, my fingers was obviously shaking paired up with my heart beating fast. I did my very best not to show it or else I'll end up to be an incompetent one. In the end I managed to give shots to a handful of persons and the rest will be today since not everybody on the list was present during that day.

flu vaccine

flu vaccine
I was disappointed I was not able to have a picture with myself but I'll manage to take one for today.



Waiting for the Call!

Two days turned a week and then what? month? Never will I allow that. A week is the most possible thing I could let pass for this blog to remain dormant. I was busy the whole week waiting for the call or signal but then, I think I should give another week to wait for it. It was actually about my applications to writing. Writing is the easiest ticket to earnings. I already got a job but not enough to support my desires to travel.(hehe) So, writing is the least thing I could do to quadruple the digits, my salary with my current job plus the future writing job. What's more, I received a reply from a position of Travel writer.

For the meantime, I was contented with the outfit I put together for the highwaist trouser shorts I had bought from a sale at Robinsons and being in a generous mode to share it would bring justice to the contentment.hihi From 900 discounted to 150php. Lucky me, to perfectly find my size.

High waist shorts crop top

I look like a "negra" here and I blame it to the cam.haha Well, at least I get to see my 3/4 body portrait. I definitely need a hair fix then everything. Soon, I find time for all these.=)





Nurse Avenue: The Angel Wears Prada

That long walkway at the Nurse Avenue and I thought I never gonna walk my way through it again.

Who could ever thought in a day like Friday when all the people are out doing their thing, making a memorable "Last Friday night" and so does I, waiting at a coffee shop for my accomplices for the month's SMB Oktoberfest, a text message would arrive reminding me that "hey, nurse you're up for volunteering again."

I almost forgot about that "nurse" part, receiving a salary by just staying at home was just as good as working outside with the same salary but have tons of expenses, like fare and food and better than volunteering with no salary at all.

You know what the best part is? Doing those at the same time. I mean, I now have a work so what's the problem with volunteering when at long last, I have money to support it. So brace everyone as I walk that Nurse Avenue again wearing Prada. I am no devil because I have this halo turns visible every time I enter the hospital. So I entitle this post as "Nurse Avenue: The Angel Wears Prada".



SMB Oktoberfest: The Actual Day

Huge beer-shaped inflatables stood tall and high in front of the entrance filled with so much air stealing the place' ventilation turning it into a hut tub and the people having a sauna effect feeling. The heat and sweat totaled our excitement as we were about to enter the main gate and have the free glasses of beer. Before that, prolonging was always the agony when we patiently fall in line and have these wrists of ours stamped first so if ever it did not meet our expectations or any changes of our mind, we were all backed up with this red ink to get us through and out. Afterwards, we hurried inside and found ourselves lost in the wide-area venue, 3/4 of it were occupied with chairs and tables, a front stage of the ongoing band playing the crowd's fave song, while the 1/4 was the area where we stood still undecided for our next step. Numerous stalls all geared up with the sponsored San Miguel Beer tents lined up the side-area, at the center were huge umbrella-shaped tents telling everyone not to worry because the show must go on rain or shine, and the back part, seeing the basketball ring were yet another stalls for the game category.

A minute of familiarizing the place and warming my mood up for the next hours of beer-drinking was enough and goes no question as why my eyes were fixed with that particular stall serving drinks for everyone. Tearing this ticket to claim the free drinks was easy but drinking these were a whole lot easier. Do you think so? But finding that perfect table was the hard part. Since we'll be staying at it for the rest of the night, we made sure it's as durable as not getting wet in case the sky drown us with tears of rain. Now the challenge, finishing up the glasses with no ice. You heard it, no ice just pure beer. Well it's a matter of time just making sure it neither be too long to make it taste more bitter nor too short or little to get us drunk in the first hour of sitting.

SMB Oktoberfest 2011 SMB Oktoberfest 2011

SMB Oktoberfest 2011 SMB Oktoberfest 2011
SMB Oktoberfest 2011
SMB Oktoberfest 2011

3 in a group was still enough to get us going all the way since the partner of the other one has valid reason not to come along with us.

The night did turn into dawn and the place was getting more and more crowded. The band, Cueshe was a bit out of place in talking about the beer-ness ambience singing all the love songs they have in their album. The end result, a doze of a minute of sleep. We waited and tried our very best to be patient until Rocksteddy band replace them but after hearing Champ shout two more songs, it was finally a signal for us to "pasi". A signal does not even deserves to be waited. What a waste. As I had said earlier this post, some things indeed did not meet our expectations and heading out is the best option. We went straight to Coke bar for a last bottle of beer to end the night or day not feeling "pingis". During weekends or any day of the week, this is the place everybody hangs out showing off their four wheels or a 2-wheel motorbike. What we have witnessed the time when we arrived was a showdown and a show off of speakers and out-loud music and sound at their compartments. Feeling like their cars had been pimped by Limpbizkit.haha

Now, this is cool. Spotting a Hammer with a plate number of 8 at Le Creolle - the known lugawan in Capistrano where all the hangovers and the drinkers end after the session. We had our own session too so we ended here.hehe We ordered Goto with egg. Yum. A soup that has it all, the rice, egg and some meat for only P35.

And so ended our last friday night at SMB Oktoberfest!



ME Day: A Solo Flight

For today, I decided for a ME day to forget everything and think only of "my"thing. Of all the stress in work, sleepless nights, lack of sleep and almost stuck at home everyday, of course I deserve some reward to go out and just feel the outside world and the surroundings. And that is today and for a day only. So I carefully planned out the things I was about to do. I had a not really normal span of sleep like I slept 4am and woke up at 8am and I blamed it to my stomach for its grumbling sound had awoken me up. But at least, I was still able to compensate my lack of sleep through a dose of 3 hours so all in all a 7-hour-sleep for the day, acceptable already. And I woke up with this picture of our front yard (since it is not the backyard so I guess, front yard). The calm and friendly weather along with the green-ness of the leaves and plants seemed to agree and nod at my ME day and is awaiting for me to come out. Then, I was able to get out from the house with this.

sleeping on a bench

I took a picture of my cousin sleeping on one of the benches at our mini canteen. I had no intention for humiliation, bribery or anything, I just went to the flow. It was the least thing I could do to maintain my positiveness for that day.

My first stop was at Limketkai Mall. I first paid the shirt for the halloween fun 2 weeks from now. I bought it online so I need to use gcash. I am way so excited for the items will be delivered exactly tomorrow. Afterwards, I stopped at a magazine store. When I go malling, I do not limit buying to clothes and food only but also to my brains (char). I always stop by at on sale bookstore and browse through to see if there's something to read. But for this day, I chose magazine instead of books. The other thing why I am fun of buying literature stuffs aside from feeding my brain with read stuffs is for me to enhance my writing skills and broaden my vocabulary and establish my own tone and voice because I admit that I am not really gifted with writing but hey it's a skill and I can master it. And with my travel blog, I need that special skill on how to write about places. I browsed the old copies of magazine as they are a price lower from the original already but never found any for travel. Thus, the call for assistance and he handed me just what I need and I meant literally. A Lifestyle asia magazine with a huge heading of travel. I got fascinated immediately with the pictures on the cover and has a subheading of choose adventure. I liked it and bought it with my eyes closed as I handed the 195 bucks. Ouch. I intentionally went to that store to find a cheap old magazine and ended buying the new expensive magazine. Anyway, it was a thick one so I guess it was worth it.

lifestyle asia travel

lifestyle asia magazine

lifestyle asia magazine

Before proceeding to the city divisoria, I stopped for a while at Robinsons to take a look for some items and yes there were displayed already. And I am lucky to be the first ones since the said sale is still be the next day. The prices were not really that sale like 200 plus and up. I am not really the kind of person buying those stuffs and so I choose to thrift instead. But if they give me a very good reason such as a 70% marked down sale, branded and worth buying, I can give exemptions.hehe The only thing I am in the mode of buying that time was a sheer polo. What I did was to just look at the sale rock and never did I expect to find one. I found a high waist trouser shorts. And believe me or not, the original price was 900 and its sale price was only 150php. Amazing right? I even asked the sales lady herself to confirm the price. Without wasting my time, I headed straight to the fitting room and boom I got to buy it.

high waist trouser shorts

Though, I still needed to make an adjustments there. But I believe I can gain the pounds I loss for the past months so figured it was the right size for me.

How did I end my day? A slight turn of the letter "M" of my ME day, maybe a 180% to describe it. Because it ended with a "WE" day, catching up with a friend and the night was so not enough for all the biz and stuffs. For an overall, I enjoyed the day with great satisfaction.



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