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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

Let EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale Handle It

The first thing to take note no matter how durable EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale can be is how accurate it takes a measurement. Airport can really be a pain in the neck when dealing with luggage so it is really of major importance to make sure that yours is within the normal limits of luggage weight. You wouldn’t want to be humiliated in front of people for a single pound excess because all you remember was exactly a 50lbs measurement from your luggage scale.

Thankfully, users are very wise to handle this case. Aside from using an EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale, they as well use a bathroom scale to compare the weight.

Well, there seems to be no problem at all because both provide the same measurement of 49lbs. However, it is only a 1 pound less for the airport luggage limit which has the greatest possibility to increase and exceed at the airport.

A relief for everybody, that the weight at the airport was only a .1 excess—49.1lbs. All still the same weight with EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale and the bathroom scale.

How to use EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale?

As simple as 1 2 3!
  1. You have to simply clip the EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale to your travel suitcase or bag luggage.
  2. You lift your bag once successfully attached.
  3. The EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale beeps by the time it has already determined the weight and appear within the large backlit LCD. There is an on and off button to reset it back and is again ready for another heavy duty.

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale Different Parts

  1. Handle
  2. The durability of the handle can be determined how it is uniquely designed with a two handed SmartGrip for easier lifting no matter how heavy your travel bag is.
  3. Scale
  4. Obviously, it is compact and despite of its lightweight, the durability is still there to be tagged where you go.

You know now that in times of heavy problems for a heavy adventure trip ahead, you know who can handle it best but with EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale. It is I guess the most practical solution of the hideous and inevitable airline luggage restrictions which most of them are now imposing a strict 50 lb weight limit on bags per person. Be a smart traveler with EatSmart Precision Voyager digital luggage scale.


The Art of Eating More but Spending Less

Overspending has always been an addiction since the past but when it comes to eating, damn everything just looks delicious and the price? Delicious as well!

How about this, eating more but spending less? Boy, you’d love to do that but just how? Well, luckily I did.

In a typical Sunday evening after hearing the mass, food will always be the next destination. Since the Church was at the heart of the city, I never had problems finding one. The only minor issue was as to which. Because I was on a tight budget, any fast food that was visible within my vision or within the strength of my feet to do the walking, Chowking was the right choice.

Even at my first few steps, I was already visualizing the menu and “lauriat” was the only dish I kept seeing. But at the same time my ego kept reminding me, “Oh no, too expensive”.

Then I was already one person away from the counter, “Think, think, and decide! I want Lauriat and I can have one because I have a goal of gaining weight but what about my goal of saving? Ordering it may forego my weight goal but at the same time forfeit my other goal for savings. ” MMmmmmh?

When I took my turn, you’ll be surprise with my final order. One Fried Chicken rice meal! That’s all. And ohe, one extra rice! The funny thing was, in the extra rice part, I ordered it as “double rice.” How humiliating it was to actually treat Chowking like a “carenderya”? Haha! Below is my liquidation of eating more but spending less.

Eat More But Still Spend More
Chicken Lauriat                    P159
Halo Halo                            P69         =    P219 

Eat More But Spend Less

Fried Chicken Rice Meal      P79
Cornetto                              P22         =    P101
                                                          =     P118

Wow! I saved more and still getting the same “yum” quality from the expensive ones. Congratulations to me for I was able to control myself in such cases. You see it is just a matter of finding alternatives. If you need to save, then look for food that are of the same “Yum” factor but less price. Like below, choosing cornettio over a halo-halo is almost the same.

I just did for sure you can!


Indulging with KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls’

first appearance on the KFC counter menu was last year but poor me it was just last Sunday when I first took notice of the desserts maybe because it was almost 1pm after attending a 12noon mass that I could not take anymore the hungriness in me.

KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

Plus the inevitable long line that I had nothing to do but wait, I can’t blame it if the only picture I could stare was the poster of KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls in front of the my line. Of course for an hour of delayed lunch and waiting, I need more than a normal meal. At first, I was sceptical to buy one but for a reason that I have not tried it yet which only costs P29 each, I decided to include it in my order.

From the selections of KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls: Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Banana Pie, Mango Cheesecake and Chocolate Tiramisu, I ordered the last choice. As much as I wanted to order everything, I could not because it would then be considered as gluttony and is part of the mortal sins.

Anyway, I chose Chocolate Tiramisu because honestly I had not tasted it yet. Poor me again! And I did not exactly know what Tiramisu was if it was a kind of a cake or an ice cream. Besides it was the only selection I guess that was not “daily available choice” among the KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls.

KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

Other than that, I ordered Fun Shots meal plus a garden salad in ceazar’s sauce. The only thing missing was a soup for a full standard meal. Then, I instructed the cashier to serve the KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls last.

The Verdict? I was not pretty sure. The Chocolate Tiramisu comes in four layers. The top was like a whip cream with shredded chocolate, second was chocolate, third was coffee and the last one was like a mixture of both.

The first layer was heaven because I just love whip creams especially on cakes. The second layer was as usual sweet and yummy as you could expect from a chocolate. But the texture was a bit foamy and not really the typical ice cream when there is fullness and “something I could not explain” much like a whip cream but a little level up. The same goes with the third.

KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

I was just shocked after endorphins kept flowing me as I get to used with the chocolate then caffeine just right away replaced all those. Anyway, as I had said Chocolate Tiramisu was my first time. While the last was like a tamarind neatly crushed at the bottom part of the cup. But that is just a comparison.

Overall, the KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls 4 layer Chocolate tiramisu was like a drumstick in a cup especially with the chocolate you can’t wait to finally taste at the bottom part.



SINULOG On The Streets!

January 29, 2012

When, the cats are done doing their Sinulog Street Parade, then the mouses will play.

From the long streets of Baseline area was where all the people were for the Sinulog Street Party was going on! Let the Party get Started!

We were just heading toward the place but I can already see a lot of people with their shirts full of paint, wet and not-so-human look. The Reason? Sinulog Street Party!

Before we could even find our seats, people came crashing with a paint on his hand and boom! Un-Artistically, they painted our faces and whew, my henna and yup my shirt that until now I could not take the dirt off.

Ika nga hindi mahulugan ng karayom was the crowd that time. But the beer can when a couple of people in their craziest minds who threw beers and keep showering it to the crowd. Urgh! I can't take the smell of it and the more if it stuck on our shirt.



The Walking to Ayala Center


I have googled of how long we had taken to walk going to Ayala. I found some mathematical data like a total of 2.4km of about 6 minutes walk. That was amazing but other than that whole day was really about walking. The transportation could not any more enter the streets due to parade neither afterwards due to the crowd.

Well, the reason was just to watch fireworks. So what if it was just all about that. The day was about to end, we would like to see something spectacular just like fireworks.


The above pic shows our route but I think not because it says that if taken a transpo. I think we went the streets in the middle like the "Elizabeth Pond". I remember we passed by Redemptorist.

So that's it. I have a video still to be uploaded at youtube. Watch for the fireworks.



SINULOG: Stepping on Cebu Soil!

January 29, 2012

Finally, I waited not even a single second of delay to go out and finally be with my hometown again and celebrate the biggest celebration of Sinulog. But the truth is my friend and I were able to go out late lunch due to expected tiring and lazy attitude after the whole night trip.

The first day was fully booked from noon time down to lunch even until midnight.(but that part was not worth anymore sharing here.hihi)

1. Sto. Niño Church

I'll start with Sto. Niño of course. As they say, the Lord first before everything else.

Although, I had gone here months before, I still forgot the specific number of the jeepneys in going to the Colon. But at least their signage were visible enough that we need not any more ask if it passes Sto. Niño.

However, when we get near the church already, it just stopped suddenly because they can't get through due to traffic. Well, then let's get this on and start walking. No matter how huge the crowd is, for Sto. Niño, we went through them.

Discovery: I should not be amazed with this already since this is my hometown but what I noticed... The crowd was always waving toward the church. And when Arjay and I got near by them, one suddenly raised her hand and waved like a "goodbye". Funny for both of us, but we looked at the direction she was waving and realized it was the statue of Sto. Niño she and everyone else are waving. So, we followed to show our "pananampalataya" as well.

Below is the colorful bandaritas but apart from it, Sto. Niño.

Sinulog 2012

2. Light A Candle For Sto. Niño

I already had my list to pray for Sto. Niño. And believe it or not half or mostly have been already granted right at this day. Well, to mention those, I prayed for my boyfriend's successful career and mine as well in regards with RN Heals 3. My bf already got the job while I qualified for the interview. And of course I also prayed for everyone else health and happiness, family and life.

Sinulog 2012

3. Magellan's Cross

As if I have not gone here yet but yes I took pictures as well just like other tourists.

Sinulog 2012

4. Pier One IT Park

For a multiple choice question, this must be the choice that should be eliminated. The above three pictures are religious while this is a bit opposite. I only included this because I think the view is worth sharing, right?

The happenings here were seemed fast. The drinking especially the money and I can't even remember mostly. Then you must already have an idea of how *&+nk we were here.

Sinulog 2012

Well, those were the pictures. Keep posted. I still have more to say about my Sinulog getaway.



SINULOG: Prepping my Travel Gears

The hardest part during travels is the process itself turning fashion accessories into travel gears and also because I just love wearing fashionable outfits, it makes everything worst. So, honestly it is the outfit which is the real hard part whether on how I am going to show it off into the crowd.

Then, what’s more, I can’t afford to bring any fashionable bag to please the eyes of the “pickpockets.” I can just imagine the huge crowd and them (the pickpockets) having a percentage of 30-40% of the overall crowd. So, I guess I’ll exchange fashion accessories with travel gears anyway.

As a travel starter, I should embrace these facts as early as now, right?

I’ll start with the gadgets, the most important thing. I am not born with a silver spoon so obviously, I am not equipped with the expensive, high-tech ones. But I did manage to buy the practical ones enough to be called as travel gears.

So, after taking note of the stuffs, situations and others especially in SINULOG festival, I am trying to bring stuffs that are of utmost importance to prevent accidents. Well, at least I am not the person who brings the whole wardrobe in her bag so it’s not a big deal.

The daily things I bring are below:

  1. Kikay kit
  2. Umbrella
  3. Big wallet
  4. Coin purse
  5. Shades
  6. Cellphone
  7. Camera (occasionally)

To eliminate the not-so-important ones:

  1. Kikay kit (only comb)
  2. Umbrella
  3. Big wallet (3 & 4 are merged into one)
  4. Coin purse
  5. Shades
  6. Cellphone
  7. Camera (occasionally)

I was thinking of not bringing the umbrella anymore, but I might regret it after last year’s hard rain festival, so still part of the list.

Then, for my travel gears to sound like a pro traveller, (haha) I bought a travel mini bag for those to fit in. Look below.

Travel Gear 1 (camera sling bag – not sure)

  • A very practical one
  • This will nicely fit around your neck with the adjustable slings also
  • For safety stuff, this is good since it is within your eye level wherever you go
  • Just always place it in front of you because if not, you might be wondering as to where your things go

Travel Gear 2 (spiral key chain)

  • I added this to secure my camera because I might confidently just hang around and take pictures while someone at the back is already eyeing it for grabs.
  • So, in case he’ll grab it, then that includes my bag but since it’s securely hanged around my neck which will also include me.
  • That would mean a big fish for a catch. :-)

The overlook for the all the travel gears when worn...hehe

As of the meantime, these are yet the travel gears I have bought. There are more to come as I face different adventures, safety precautions place by place.

Well, I am now geared up for SINULOG Festival. Pickpockets, burglars and whoever you are, with my travel gears you are not a threat any more.

Read on as I take miles away from my place to seek spiritual guidance from Sto. Niño. Travel Premiere’s first ever trip by yours truly Nurse Germz.



SINULOG: Why I hate E-Ticket!

Since when does e-ticket really start?

I first had it way back in April 2011 bound for Cebu. I bought it at a money exchange office. Since I was claiming money for that trip and noticed that they were also expending travel tickets, so I took advantage to avoid the unnecessary quest and trips to exactly-I-don’t-know-where ticketing offices.

After filling up all the blanks in the form, the saleslady then handed a short bond paper to me. Confused and in question, I gladly accepted it thinking it was another form to fill up. But actually, it was already my ticket or as it was popularly known “e-ticket”. So...

Since when does e-ticket really start?

I take no apology for that and don’t blame me for my “ignorant” scene of e-ticket. (haha) For my four years captive in a University offering nursing course, I know you would understand me. My perfect excuse is I was just too busy being a nursing student.

But that did not end there. Mmmmh. I am thinking of actually telling the whole story but then... that would be too long. So....
The time when I arrived at the Pier, I took confidence as I handed over my e-ticket. But would you believe that they did not accept it because I still need to get the official ticket? OH MY! It was 30 minutes before the departure time and the line was endless. Would I still make it? So, I hurried to their mini office and another OH MY! The same line, crowded plus only one ticketing officer. Now, possibility almost turned into the impossibility if ever I can still make it to the trip.

That’s it. End story of my part I of why I hate E-ticket. The Part II is a while ago while booking my ticket or e-ticket (whatever) for my trip for CEBU Sinulog.

The funny part was because of the phobia I had with e-ticket, specifically the “another” lining up for another ticket; I never avoided again the quest and trips for different ticketing offices because I actually visited each and one by one. Why? Of course to avoid my last experience with it.


The first office I visited, aside from having expensive tickets was also dispensing e-ticket. Then, I learned from my friend who bought a ticket lower than the price. I went to another again. This time, I gave up because of the same price and the same e-ticket issues I was facing.

Well, instead of finding that one ticketing office of handing out the old and official ticket instead of an e-ticket, why wouldn’t I just turn my phobia into a learning phobia. This might make things better like going to the pier earlier or hours earlier?

That’s it. My travel lesson 101, go to the pier hours earlier than the departure time. For sure, I’ll skip the hassle of waiting from a long line to get an official ticket right?

Now I couldn’t wait any longer to finally be on deck, wait for a few hours and witness SINULOG CEBU.

Read on as I take miles away from my place to seek spiritual guidance from Sto. Niño. Travel Premiere’s first ever trip by yours truly Nurse Germz.



Boho Chic 2012 Year Opener


SHOOTING of my 2012 Travel Premiere Experiences

1 hour to go and soon I’ll be making loud noises as I welcome year 2012. I am excited honestly thinking of what the year ahead might get me.

As a travel blogger, I am totally looking forward as to where year 2012 will take me. 12 months might just be 2 counts ahead from my 10 fingers but I could get a thousand and endless counting memories to the soon-to-travel places from just that.

Then now I am in a moment of pause before this year will soon end. Tradition as what everyone usually calls it the moment the clock strikes to 12 particularly New Year Resolution, I would want also to make one for this blog.

I am thinking of a very simple one—a calendar for year 2012 but a bit different because it will be a blank calendar. Why because I want my travel experiences to fill each of the calendar pages. I’ll give the stage to my two foot as they take me wherever they want each month for the year 2012.

This means that it requires me to travel monthly. It may not really be an expensive one but at least to a different place that is worth sharing to everyone else.

So, the real blog resolution here will be pure organization such as:

  • A monthly travel diary which points to my calendar plan
  • Then a year end travel diary which will summarize all my travel spot experiences and finalize my whole 2012 calendar plan

Going to specifics, I want every travel experience of mine to be nicely categorized and labelled like:

  • Historical spots
  • Beach spots
  • Outdoor / Adventure

Then, for the content, it should among the following:

  • Discoveries
  • Adventures
  • Fun
  • Anything memorable

Going beyond, I would also like to tap in other fields:

  • The food
  • Shopping
  • Photography

...and as a Travel Blogger, I would gladly share my tips of words:

  • How to get here
  • Gadgets and equipments/gears

...and I almost forgot about FASHION when I proudly called myself as a Fashion Traveller. Well, I would not want to talk about it since that would confuse the main essence of this blog which is travel instead I am going to post my outfit to every spot I have gone. Got it?

  • Outfit for day’s travel

So for every travel experience I’ll post depending on the category which will include:

  • How to get here
  • Outfit for day’s travel
  • Food/shopping (depending on what kind of activity I did)
  • The content

Did I do the right thing of posting all these here? Anyway, I just want to let you know how this blog will be working out for this year 2012.

Happy New Year Everyone!



AT THE CROSSROADS: To Head Forward or Turn Back?

Laying both my foot at a career crossroads can be very much frightening as to which of my foot should go first. A crossroad indeed, with all the roads intersecting and the other choices scattering around that make me ask and ponder if I better step on my front foot first and work my next career move or just stick on my back foot and wait for the right move. I worry more making the wrong decision than letting go of something that I could regret totally.

career crossroads

But there should be a move. Even though I step back; that is still considered a move.

career crossroads plan

So what I did? It is pretty obvious. And I thought you already have the idea even from the start of this post ranting about making wrong decisions and stepping back. But I am afraid you did not get it. The story...

I have received a great job opportunity. I have spoken enough for that post and I need not repeat or speak of it anymore nor explain for why I gave a NO for that.

Right now, I just want to be vague and forget about the specifics and the details. I don’t want to talk things that are yet to happen or if it would ever happen. I have come to a conclusion that things are better be hidden and kept within than shouted to the whole world but neither even happens nor close to happening.

Wouldn’t it be more exciting when you give your life a little mystery leaving people clueless? Then, just one day, they’ll be surprised of the shocking news that you already got a job?

Nah! That’s a clue... Whatever! I’ll leave you with that.

Till my next post=)



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