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30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 04 Your Views on Religion

Day 04: My Views on Religion

OM! Can I just skip this day and proceed to the next because I am not really used to writing such. Uhm! Religion...mmmh

Religion is the set of beliefs, rituals, practices in relation to spirituality and moral values. As for me, it is like a label just trying to tell something about this person. Labels can tell great things about a person but to some they remain as pure labels unnecessary and useless. But I have no intention to go against it because I myself is a Roman Catholic.

Apart from the many religions in the world, there is always that one thing that unites everybody. Sad thing is it is not great enough to retain unity in the midst of calamity at its extremity.

When was the last time you attended mass? Well, it must be a week ago or just last Sunday. But how about when was the last time you remember God and just visited him at the church? It must be only your mother who wakes you up for a Sunday mass and never from you.

As for me, I could not remember anymore as to when was my last attendance at Church but it does not mean that I lose my beliefs already. It is my faith that keeps me going and so does to all of you.

To make my thoughts short since I am having a hard time organizing it, religion without faith is equivalent to no religion at all. Religion as mentioned from the first paragraph pertains to different practices and beliefs and others but without faith, those will just be nothing.

That's all. I apologize for the unorganized thought scattered in this post. I'll just try my best next time.hihi



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