Nurse Germz

The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

A Dharma Bum Calling

I lay quietly on my green geometric design sheets of my bed thinking with the weird noise coming from my laptop trying to destroy my mood of writing another blog. I am not actually bothered with it. I am more worried of the thoughts rumbling in my mind and if any seconds these will not come out I'll be suffering of a terribly "pagsisi headache". How worried I am? Truly since I discontinued my work tasks with utmost confidence and guts that had I been a bystander in blogger for about hours now sightseeing or I guess "sightimagining" what is inside my mind. I got a few of good finds though 2 posts published and this of becoming the third. I'll be lying if I admit that I am always in the mood of writing because mostly, I forcefully moodify myself. The hungriness of my hands to type dozens of ideas and words are not just destined or paired up with the right and fully fed up mind of mine. But I take credit of my desires, goals and dreams of being one someday. Have I mentioned that I love reading books? I guess not because of the same reasons I forcefully moodify myself. So what is then these desires, goals and dreams? Easy as a seven-letter-word "popular" or hard as an eleven-letter-word "familiarity" but medium because I take both. The easiness and hardness there is based from the number of words and I just got you. Popular and familiarity in a sense that I'll be known for what I make and not just do is what I am desiring, goaling and dreaming about. It's myself who is making this thing and I want someone else to read it. I remember the first episode of GG season 5 when Chuck Bass said, "I don't write books, I am read about." Well, I want both and the credit of course of writing it. Thus, my dharma bum calling. I just ain't consistent enough with most things bumming my dharmas.



Keeping A Traveler On Schedule

I am a nurse by profession but totally not my current occupation, a blogger hoping to bring some inspiration and finally a traveler wishing soon to reach a whole lot of destinations. I can still be more than that but as of now I am going to focus on my undying imaginations, my travel spots and busy schedules. Indeed an imagination, and I accept "my as if it is true" revelation to ruin my moment of dreaming but this does not exempt my daily basis at home for I treat it as my top spot which makes my room my favorite then. So I lit the lamp trying to make the whole fuzz of this and hoping you bare with me, keeping a traveler on schedule.

What keeps me busy these days are work, articles and the normal eat-sleep pattern. I can't believe I am fooled of the so called $$$ guaranteed nursing profession and now giving me what? ... an online job. But I am at least happy to have one enough to supply my needs as well as my wants. Now, the problem is the time-gap stuff working like Americans staying awake while the rest are all asleep is a bit of abnormal and until now I am wondering if my eating time or pattern is at the right track. But the most important thing, I guess is sleep and should not be less than 8 hours. No problem with that. The thing is my work hours and the food. If I am in a normal Filipino working hours then that already includes a lunch and snacks but since I am working midnight neither of the two do I have. I am hungry but I have no food to eat (poor me. but I am gonna buy lots of them once I received my first paycheck). So for now, I am gonna adjust and finalize my daily schedule and I'll start with work hours.

(Monday - Friday)
9:00pm - 5:00am : Work hours
5:00am - 1:00pm : Sleep
1:00pm - 2:00pm : Take a bath
2:00pm - 3:00pm : Lunch
3:00pm - 7:00pm : Free time (articles, blogs, "lakwatsa")
7:00pm - 8:00pm : Dinner
8:00pm - 9:00pm : Prepping for work

I can't see the word breakfast and snacks so they must be in my work hours so 1am for snacks while 4am for my breakfast. As for my weekends, I am in a T.G.I.F.-for-no-work the next day and the ideas of my T.G.I.S. night outs are seem to be fading or now out of the picture because in Sunday I am in a full day getting busy with at least clothes and not my laptop anymore which makes sense now the reason of my fading night outs. I'll be a zombie already if I still keep up my usual vampire hours on weekends.



A Letter to Pedring!

I am in the midst of confusion if I am supposed to be laughing at this picture though it does look hilarious but this funny picture had surely ended a lot of lives. And there is no other to blame but Pedring. So I wrote a letter hoping that he could read this.

Dear Pedring, Alam ko na mahirap na talaga ang buhay ngayon at maski ang pagiging magsasaka ay kulang para matustusan ang mga pangangailangan sa buhay araw-araw. Ngunit kahit ano mang problema ang dadapo, lahat ito ay may solusyon. Kung kaya't nagtataka ako at kung bakit sa isang iglap ay ikaw ay biglang nagbago. Ang pagbabago na ang syang dahila sa paghinto sa maraming inocenteng buhay, pagsira sa napakaraming tahanan at pati ang lupa na syang kinatatayo mo. Ano ba talaga ang nangyari?

Then, here is the english translation:
Dear Pedring. I know life is never this easy and difficulties always remain inevitable that even being a farmer is not enough to supply all of your daily needs. However, every problem has always its own solution. That is why I am in a moment of shock as to why in such a little time you have turned into something else, a monster. A monster that have killed a lot of innocent lives, destroying not only houses but our true home, Mother Earth. What is really the matter?

Oh. Did anybody forget to tell me that Pedring is actually a name of the storm? Yeah but just after I had finished making the letter with a special English translation because all I thought he was a farmer turned into a killer in the loose (joke only, of course I know).

With the recent statistics, Pedring' deaths has reached 21; 35 still missing (so sad).

But these pictures below have totally caught my attention that no matter how difficult situations are, there is always a Filipino heart in each one of us ready to help others and having that little smile on our face.



Malay Balay!

"MALAYBAlay natin magkatotoo." Actually, I am in the middle of my vampire-hours-of-work here in the Philippines since the origin of my work is from America so I'm living like them like working during sleep hours. I just want to relax for a moment and do some stretching then I remember that I am a day due of making blog which of course a very right timing. So, I therefore include blogging as part of my stretching and warm ups. I just want to share a bit of my conversation with my boyfie yesterday. I am not sure about you feeling the same way because I am super excited with it already. I told him of course my plans of buying a camera and blah blah blah and I turned gah gah gah right after he replied about some plans of going to Malaybalay so to "blessing" the new gadget (a Visayan expression). Imagined that, then after I have no other thoughts but the plan only that is why I am putting it into words rather go crazy thinking it alone the whole time.

The first photo is the Monastery in San Jose. I always have this hobby of researching before writing since I don't want to end up unprepared. Back to the thing, you know, while I was researching for the word Malaybalay, that picture is always present tickles my curiosity and that I found out that it is one of the places there. I have no more words to further add since this serves a guide by the time I visit there. Let this guide you too.

With the cold romantic atmosphere of Malaybalay or the so called "Little Baguio" of course I do want to dive for a swim in one of their springs and with my other half around I might be turning "little Baguio into little Milan".

The first one is the Matin-ao Spring followed by Nusali Spring. I am not quite sure if it is a hot or cold spring so I left the spring with no specification but I am gonna find that out soon.

Malaybalay also offered a lot of hiking opportunities. But with the picture shown, I think it meant horseback riding. Anyhow, that is taken at Pines View Park. Well, I am not actually in the mood of riding on a living thing. I go for a science technology product - a motorbike. More fun huh?

So what you think? Do these plans remain forever a plan or be my forever Malaybalay getaway memory? Oops, timecheck back to work now.



Pentax RS1000

It's over, I give up on aiming for grabs the IN and popular DSLRs either from Canon or Nikon. It is something that is a worth of a thousand bucks that not even a single day I can imagine affording it. So, I take a reroute, still aiming for the same gadget, a camera and I obviously see myself one of these days holding it and taking pictures. It is the Pentax RS1000 I am talking about. I give a 3 weeks deadline of saving and buying it. See the picture? Are you a bit of confused what on earth is the reason why I love it? Then I wast no single of revealing why. It is of its feature of customizable skins as well its lens ring. And you know how important valuable stuffs for me. It would not be called mine if it has nothing something about me. Take a look at these.

I love the skins from the third pic with a touch of elegance. I am at least thankful of having a gift of able-to-edit-in-Photoshop so I have the luxury of making my own skins which can be my face or anything personal. Its like wearing a Sunday dress on Sundays so apparently this Pentax RS1000 can match my daily outfit or any theme of the day. And I am this so excited mood already. Aside from the skins which I say that I am not really good of analyzing gadgets with its features, it has an HD video recording stuff. Quite an added point so anytime, I can just record and post it on YouTube with high quality.

I am in the meantime canvassing prices. It is so affordable, a 5,000php for the maximum price and and even has a 3k plus only for the least price. I saw some cheap price at ebay but I can't afford anymore to wait for days to arrive.



Lovers in Pier-is Gingoog

I am as of the moment crossing my fingers and hoping you can get what I mean with the title, Lovers in Pier-is Gingoog. I actually based it from the popular Lovers in Paris. You remember now (haha and my fingers are free and uncrossed). This was during the holy week at Gingoog. Gingoog was not really the primary purpose, we stayed at Jude's place at Medina and then visit there since it is only a few minute ride and yes it was the place, the main talk from most people, spreading rumors with the place's newly renovated (if that is the word) pier.

A seemingly not-too-harsh rain was the weather that time with the cool breeze of air giving us a feeling of cold but a warm welcome to Gingoog. We are at our not really best clothes since it was a cold weather right at the beginning which had freaked our bodies to go out and take a cold bath (sorry to admit that). As what you can see, the spring fashion of "pambalay" was the least pieces we could wear from our wardrobe. At least I am wearing a still-fashionista-sense pair of outfit and not to mention by the other person I am with which no words are needed anymore to explain his fashion sense of the day (hihi).

The other "lovers in pier-is Gingoog" is Jude's bro and his gf from the time these photos were taken but now a wifey since they are already married. The photos are pieces of evidences of how places and views are given of great importance in their city. A pier would not look at this best without a desire to catch a tourist's attention and indeed not only my attention was caught but my heart as well wanting to go back again and again. So, when after the unlimited photos that we definitely enjoyed posing, the dimming sky had signaled us to go back home. But that would be until we had taken our last photos from their capitol place. Be amazed then!

If only I knew fruits would be these big, then I should have brought a big knife and cut all those and slice to prepare a huge bowl of fruit salad perfect for the city peeps. The only problem is where I can get a huge bowl. Got an idea? The remaining pictures are the first ones taken before we arrived Medina. We stopped at a Capistrano beach just beside the popular Duka Beach.

The 2 pairs of Lovers in Pier-is Gingoog



My Dora Backpack

It is my least intention to be like Dora the explorer since of its "laagan" or "lakwatsera" image but instead my topmost purpose is to grab her very own backpack. Well, it is the number one requirement of a traveler like me (sei!). But don't ever dare make me laugh if you are actually thinking of Dora's backpack though I accept the blame since I have not really specify in that part. What I am really after is what is inside you know the map and the map and the map. But to keep you in the right track, I will be not talking about Dora but of course myself.

My ever super duper goal is myself holding a DSLR camera, I think so. But to be at least realistic, I settle with a digital camera of course from a good brand so not to waste my cold hard cash savings. I am planning to start saving right now. Oh my I have so lots of things to save up--my trip to CEBU, a camera, my IELTS exam what else, uhm water rafting since my high school friend is coming from Australia and wants to try it out. I wonder if these are achievable but my hopes are still up since unexpected things happen during December. You know the Christmas gifts, the gifts and still the gifts.

Soon, when I get hands of my own camera I will proudly copyright all my pictures posted here in my blog. As you have noticed, if ever you have browsed my other posts, the pictures are quite exaggerated and are obviously taken by a professional photographer while others are shots of some strangers I do not even know.

A camera, an expensive material thing that can be confused as a want-or-desire-to-have-one-since-others-have aside from its main goal of shooting your best memories is a thousand worth paraphernalia of a frustrated traveler like me. As for my main goal is to travel the places I want to lay my foot on having a camera handy will take me closer to that one and not just about laying my foot on but laying my entire memories on it. Memories that have and are yet to happen so please Santa this is my grown-up Christmas wish. /*wink



CEBU: Say BOO to me

I must say that I have never been a good spelling student and this I apologize for my unforgiving misspelled CEBU. And then again for the second time, I apologize for from the very start I have been too good to be true for it was a lie. I do good in spelling but there is just something in CEBU that I intentionally misspell it to a "Say Boo". I deserve this actually. A shameful slap I deserve as a true blood Cebuana who had left her hometown and rarely paid a visit.

I now call CEBU as a "Say BOO" to me since for the years I am staying here in Cagayan de Oro, I cannot remember even a single good memory in the place I was born. Though I have pretty valid excuses as being serious with my nursing course but I have reached to a dead end of it and not even an exemption was the right word as to why for the year 2011, I have not gone back there for the Sinulog. And yeah I remember now, I was babysitting that time, still valid right?

So for 2012, hoping that the alleged end of the world will remain as forever an alleged, I am starting listing all the places I need to visit there. Oh I almost forgot, I did go back there months after I became an officially RN, that was Apr 24, 2011 for a job interview and keeping my hopes up in finding a good and a salary-satisfying-job. But I ended back here in Cagayan de Oro. To be honest, it was strange to feel home sick in the real-home-cebu and feel a big relief after I came back in Cagayan. I guess being home is not really about the years of stay after all but to the people that have been closed to you at the present. Makes sense?

Now back to my list, actually I only have a pretty few list like 2 only. Does that even called a list? The top of it is SEE-NU-LOG.

I will forever remain unforgivable by my own self if I will still pass another year not witnessing the epic CEBU Sinulog. I now have a worth-to-be-called-online-job so aside from my needs, I still have extra pennies to keep for CEBU getaway. Then followed by another epic experience "Sky Walk" of the Crown Regency Hotel. I know it is quite freaky and scary walking on one of the highest building there but I am after the experience. Anyway, I'll tag along my ever handy boyfie to serve as my refuge in such deepest-insane-experiences.

It is only a few months from now already and so I am having sleepless nights to that day. The second other thing is the "hikay", going to a residence with lechon served on the table and lots of other food. Well, at least I am confident in that part since I have tons of friends who value the fiesta so I will never ran out of places to go to. The problem is the choosing part since most of them are my friends. You know what I mean.



A Point of Destination

If there is the so called "frustrated singer", then I am happily to announce and admit that I am a longtime "frustrated traveler". But I am afraid that my childish dream of traveling the whole world will be left behind along with my childish memories as I realize that I am not fit to be called such anymore.

I have been eager for that day to arrive when I can finally decide what items will be added in my collectibles storage which I suddenly remember the time when I am also thinking to have a special room for all my travel memories. Then, it will be like my own time travel machine room full with pictures, collectibles and stuffs from other different places all ready to take you somewhere. Familiar with the movie "Jumper", then his room would be the perfect fit description of what is in my mind. But if only the movie is possible, when I am just gonna picture the image in my mind and in 5 minutes I am at the exact place shown in the picture, then I need not save anymore but only collect pictures as many as I can. Unfortunately, life does not work like that.

I am still at my 22nd year here on earth so definitely I am not closing any doors. I am just going to add more windows so more air will continuously revitalize my nerves and keep my hopes and dreams up always. Dreams are what defines me and reaching that dream defines me more. And this, I obviously know that traveling the world is such a big dream but hey that is me. Though I am not big literally but I am big enough to stand up for it and make it happen.

So, as of the moment, I settle for what is available and accessible. And there is no other place that is more than available and accessible but the exact place where I am right now Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines my permanent address, a point of destination. At least my feet are still not complaining of the all-the-same-road and places they go. They are still in the volunteer-work of taking me this and there in my place. But definitely, in due time a more awesome and rewarding work will they claim taking that one big step for the first time in a place away from home.

Come join me then. I'll give you this one-way-ticket in fulfilling your dreams.



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