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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

Qatar Airways: Are You for Real?

I was in the middle of my writing, when a message from Google popped up at the right lower corner of my laptop screen. The first one was a subject of “You’re hired!” but that was only up to that. It was a trick to get someone’s attention to read it. Its real intention really was just to offer a job. Uhm! Not interested since I already have one and it is quite suicidal to have 2 jobs at the same time especially if it is in the same field—aaah writing?.

Then, another message popped up again. What intrigued me was the strange subject and snippet. I am used to seeing pop up messages from lots and lots blog feed burners but that one was different. Without hesitation, I immediately opened my Gmail. To my surprise, I was totally in a silence speechless shocking mode... and what else you can think of.

It was actually a reply from my months ago application for
Qatar airways . The rants of a twentieeees travel drama queen was all there. vision to travel the whole world and the advantage of being a cabin crew to slowly make those come true. Does it make sense? Uhuh! I wrote something there, I think the days or the duration Qatar airways will reply after an application was submitted. I’ll check that first now.

The letter stated a period of 90 days after I receive another reply. But as I try to count the days back, it was only for a period of 56 days.

Now, the real battle is which road should I take?

I got a reply giving me the opportunity to pass my CV at their office. But that neither signals the start nor the initial step. And who knows as to how many applicants are there.

But then again, I’ll end up wasting this opportunity if I’ll never grab this.

Picture it like a small child staring up at you waving,

“Hello, I am down here. Can you hear me? Can you see me?”

Yes of course, I totally see you but just not clear enough and a bit blurry!

This kind of opportunity may be a bit blurry at this time, but how can I ever see clearly the road ahead if I do not even have the courage to take it. So, I pray...


Please, give me the courage and strength to endure everything what is ahead of me.
The courage to accept failures,
the strength to learn from it.
Enlighten my mind, so I remain firm in whatever decision I will make.
So, whatever happens along the way,
I will not end up with a heavy heart.
That I may always see beginnings to every end;
Sunshine to every rain,
It may not be a rainbow
but as long you are just with me,
I am assured of my safety.

I know you have the best plan for me.
Let us do this together Lord.




100 FEATHERations! Each for P100

Wholesale CDO is back!

For some reasons,my online shop has been put to a dormant mode.
But now, I give you one reason why!
Wholesale CDO is just back, better and soon be the best.

For its come back productis, I hereby introduce:

100 FEATHERations! everythingeach for P100!

colorful loop feather earrings

colorful feather necklace

brown earrings necklace in 1

These are actually my collections and I am just in a generous mode to share these to you by selling it in my online shop. You can click "buy now" and you'll be directed to an order form or you can click here, you'll be directed to the album then you can just leave a comment.

But there's more.
The rest of my products mainly RTWs will be back for good too.
I'll first mention Bandage Skirts!

So just keep posted at my online shop for my upcoming and available products.



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 06 Virgo Personality Profile: They say, I say!

The facts and information below are from the site, ifate which you could also go and search for your zodiac sign.

Day 06 Virgo Personality Profile: They say, I say!

Virgo Personality Profile:

They say, “Individuals born under the sun-sign of Virgo are open-minded and typically somewhat shy, and keep their cards carefully hidden.It can be difficult to tell what a Virgo is thinking, as their thoughts are guarded and mysterious. Virgos are almost always very intelligent and very imaginative -- spending long hours thinking and being philosophical about issues that many others would only think about for a few moments.”

girl staring

I say,
“This is what exactly I need to tell people every time they catch a glimpse of me staring at a blank space. My intelligence (more of my imagination) can’t stand to just let issues pass by—one example is the new trend in Facebook of shared hideous videos, stories and photos. These usually last up to a week in my mind and haunt me forever of the reality that I am yet to face (I’m scared, I hate you new Facebook).”

They say, "They prefer simplicity and minimalism and tend to avoid complex situations. Because Virgos spend so much time being deeply philosophical about so many subjects, they are often gifted with tremendous powers of insight -- allowing them to see and sense many things that others miss."

I say,
“I object simplicity and minimalism for it totally contradicts my sense of fashion. And I have no intention to avoid complex situations for I stand courageous and brave in such times. I further add with “powers of insight” because for what purpose will it be when I rather remain safe, silent inside my room and keep my cards carefully hidden.”

They say, "Virgos are often perfectionists -- never satisfied with any task until they feel it is one hundred percent "right". This perfectionism can be something of a double edged sword -- sometimes leading to projects that never get completed, because too much time is spent on small details."

I say,
“Totally! I should have finished this 30 Day Blog Challenge which I started on the 24th of Oct but until now I am stranded at the first few days of it.”

Virgo at Work:

They say, "While Virgo's dedication to perfection can lend itself to almost any career path, Virgos are often very well suited to tasks that involve analysis, details and deep thought. The world of high finance is filled with many Virgos who excel at strategy, perception and careful planning.

Virgo's practicality and diplomacy is a valued asset among employees and senior management. Virgo's must always remember however, not to miss the forest for the trees. Getting caught up in a sea of details can often lead Virgos to forget about the big picture."

I say,
“I can relate especially in the part of “forgetting the big picture”. So to speak of where and what I am today, I can’t find the way clearly and can’t swim through because of all the golds and silvers floating on the sea.”

Virgo in Love:

They say, "Virgos just take a little while to open up to others completely. They typically hide their true feelings for much longer than other signs. Virgos take time to develop a sense of trust, but when they do, they forge extremely powerful bonds and make excellent lovers, partners and allies."

I say,
“I find this funny for my current relationship is also a Virgo. Does that mean we are compatible? For apart the other signs that I have met, he is the only who truly understands me. But that is not a QUESTION anymore because he already is the ANSWER.”

They say, "Virgos are typically reserved, and not given to wild displays of emotion or extreme behavior. They are almost always extremely rational. They are very good at discussing issues in a mature fashion -- but only when trust has been fully established. If trust has not been fully established, Virgos may act coy or seem elusive."

I say,
“Bull’s eye! So don’t ever wonder why I seem to be having a double personality when your friends (which is a close friend of mine) say I am “this and that” but when we come in contact, I am totally different.”

I finally say,
“So, I wonder... How did they ever come up with such signs that are closely relevant to a person’s personality when all these are only based from the glittering stars from the sky above? No words to copy, nor mystery codes to dissect.”

What I think they say, “I am a nurse so I never take that particular course which is taking these as my business. Better yet go for the none-of-my-business.”



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 05 My favourite comfort foods and why?

Six days from now and again my blog will be celebrating its second monthsary while the twenty three days that was supposedly be spent on blogging to finish my 1st monthsary challenge had been awfully wasted and was put at a corner left unnoticed. As a result, I was defeated from my very first attempt to revamp my blog.

So, I write here to have my “once again” second attempt with it. My last post was about Day 4 so I’ll be starting with Day 5. Here I go.

Day 05: My favourite comfort foods and why?

Lately, I have been craving these:


fresh salad

So, I wonder if I have this American blood hiding within my vessels since it has been dominating these past few days. Poor Filipino blood because whenever I get to look at the staple rice and the viand, it has never come to a point of praising my appetite. I still eat but it takes me a little longer to finish it. You can catch me either staring at a blank space in the middle of my “eating” or just holding the spoon. But “I wish” in the “American blood part”.

Overall, I find comfort in anything fresh and salad plus should have the cheese. This only points to one thing, a vegetable salad.

I am not really sure as to why but I guess for 22 years of eating the same thing—rice and its forever partner in life, viand, I don’t blame my stomach to be craving for another blood of food—American. (lols)

And these are my comfort foods:

cheese burger



KFC go go sandwich


Anyway, I just love the freshness of the salad. The comfort I find every time I munch every bits of it. No effort at all. Unlike with the cooked ones, when I can taste the oiliness stuff brought by the cooking oil, I don’t really like the hang of it.

But just to clarify, I do not have anorexia. Haha Though you can tell to how thin I am but no, not at all. Right now, I am doing as much as possible to catch up my previous weight—drinking vitamins and eating anything to keep my weight up. (if only I could just skip the rice and the others.tsk)

So, that’s it and at last I did manage to finish this.



Dear STARBUCKS, you are Like a Mocha Sweet Love!

Dear STARBUCKS, you are Like a Mocha Sweet Love!

starbucks 2012 planner
My whole game plane was just to collect all the stickers from Starbucks and to finally claim my ever desired first 2012 Starbucks planner. Addicted much? I know!

I started last week. It was a Thursday, 17th of Nov since it took me a little while to be aware and remember of this kind of promotion every end of the year. But at least the “lateness” was not late enough to disqualify me. Thank Goodness!

So, during the first day, I had my first two stickers (two since I was with my bf). But the real story behind this...

..was the fact that I had never been back in Starbucks for almost 5 years. Imagine? The last time was during my unforgivable high school years and most of the things that preoccupy me at that time were mainly academics and the reason why I stepped my foot on that coffee shop was to serve as a chaperone for a friend. The price for a cup of frap as far as I could remember was P115. And I thought for that gap of years, prices also did rise high but it wasn’t really that apparent.

Then 5 years after...

I took my steps back on Starbucks but it was a whole lot different than my last because I took it nervously. Who wouldn’t? For 5 years, it was impossible for me to remember all my Starbucks memories and as if I was addicted when I was able to order only once.lols I would not dare my ass go inside and ask the saleslady all about their products. That’s a total humiliation. I still got this pride.haha

So what I did, like in an emergency situation when first I had to survey the scene. I looked at almost all the nearby posters of their products. Forget about the prices, I was aiming for the names so I would correctly say it in the counter. Luckily, our seat was outside near a clear window so we were able to see from that distance the menu posted in their counter.

I exhaled and inhaled deeply (haha) and went straight inside. My perfect alibi to hide my nervousness was to get my phone and keep myself busy with the wifi. And ohe I heard a voice calling my attention and I just noticed that the other counter was already empty. I gulped for the last time. This is it!

So, my intention was really for the planner and stickers so I made it as the introduction. At least the saleslady was approachable enough to explain everything in detail and even by the time when I already said my order. She clearly clarified that what I ordered was “iced coffee” and not the “frap”, the blended one. Then, it was just later when I was able to grasp what she said that I did really order the wrong one. For in my mind, I was thinking of the shake-like coffee and after calling my name, I was holding a cup full of ice and no signs of shake-like thing. (tsk)

Then, I had my stickers. Yipee! And I did not take my eyes off it for a while because I was just too excited to get it full. The question was when? As long as it would not be later than Jan 8, everything would be fine.

So, the whole game plan I guess turned out to a different one, more of a cold, hot mixture of love. You know what I mean? Like a Mocha Sweet Love with him. You know what I mean. So, I’ll show you the best picture I got from our Starbucks memoirs. I edited it a little and here it is.



Batanes: To see is to believe

Meet Travel Premiere’s first ever feature traveler, Christian Melanie Lee, a freelance blogger and an article writer who proves a place can never be as appalling as what newspapers have been spreading.

Talking about the place, Batanes and what she can remember:

“Whenever I hear Batanes in the news, typhoons come into my mind and the farthest part of the country.”

Surely, typhoons and “farthest part” stuff are not the best memories one would want to associate in a particular place. Yet by another newspaper she stumbled upon again, such totally changed as she wonders about the mystery of the whole place. She even added,

“And I’m just wondering how they live in that island. And I’ve heard that the beauty of this magnificent island.”

Now, what better way to do aside reading this first ever feature traveler but to read the whole article “See you soon, Batanes!” itself of course from her blog. More information is available from the place and you can get to know more about this feature blogger.

She quotes by the way…

“I'm a freelance blogger, and article writer. I'm now switching from a personal blog to a lifestyle blog.
I'll be finishing some drafts for my personal blog entries by November 25, my birthday.

As of the moment, I don't have a permanent job. I'm doing a part time job as an events coordinator for my friends' event company here in Manila.

Hope to hear from you!” ~Melanie

A happy birthday to you then, an advance greeting from Travel Premiere.



A Bumpy Trail To No-One-Really-Knows-Where

jasaan cagayan de oro city

Who can’t defy a deal of the open road such as that giving me a green limited-access highway, a car show following their way through that long path or a bumpy trail to no-one-really-knows-where? Who needs a why either?

My outfit may not be a good match to this sudden road trip, suffering from the sun brought by the ¾ top I am wearing and the black sheer high waist worsening it but at least I am off with these comfy pink topsiders ready to jump ahead anywhere and anytime. Well, that's me, up for almost anything.

jasaan cagayan de oro city

This will be the first of my next in line posts of shots somewhere around the corner. Having the new header, I needed to keep my reputation as a "fashion traveler". I am really having a hard time to come up with the idea of combining my two favorite passions in life which are traveling and fashion. And it is not so pretty obvious from my previous posts. So, I decided to posts shots like these to each of my post making this as my first one.



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