Nurse Germz

The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

A Point of Destination

If there is the so called "frustrated singer", then I am happily to announce and admit that I am a longtime "frustrated traveler". But I am afraid that my childish dream of traveling the whole world will be left behind along with my childish memories as I realize that I am not fit to be called such anymore.

I have been eager for that day to arrive when I can finally decide what items will be added in my collectibles storage which I suddenly remember the time when I am also thinking to have a special room for all my travel memories. Then, it will be like my own time travel machine room full with pictures, collectibles and stuffs from other different places all ready to take you somewhere. Familiar with the movie "Jumper", then his room would be the perfect fit description of what is in my mind. But if only the movie is possible, when I am just gonna picture the image in my mind and in 5 minutes I am at the exact place shown in the picture, then I need not save anymore but only collect pictures as many as I can. Unfortunately, life does not work like that.

I am still at my 22nd year here on earth so definitely I am not closing any doors. I am just going to add more windows so more air will continuously revitalize my nerves and keep my hopes and dreams up always. Dreams are what defines me and reaching that dream defines me more. And this, I obviously know that traveling the world is such a big dream but hey that is me. Though I am not big literally but I am big enough to stand up for it and make it happen.

So, as of the moment, I settle for what is available and accessible. And there is no other place that is more than available and accessible but the exact place where I am right now Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines my permanent address, a point of destination. At least my feet are still not complaining of the all-the-same-road and places they go. They are still in the volunteer-work of taking me this and there in my place. But definitely, in due time a more awesome and rewarding work will they claim taking that one big step for the first time in a place away from home.

Come join me then. I'll give you this one-way-ticket in fulfilling your dreams.



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But all of them rang true, and reminded me of why I travel: to learn and grow, to challenge myself, stretch my limits and foster an appreciation of both the world at large and the chair waiting in front of the woodstove back home.
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