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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

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And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

SINULOG: Why I hate E-Ticket!

Since when does e-ticket really start?

I first had it way back in April 2011 bound for Cebu. I bought it at a money exchange office. Since I was claiming money for that trip and noticed that they were also expending travel tickets, so I took advantage to avoid the unnecessary quest and trips to exactly-I-don’t-know-where ticketing offices.

After filling up all the blanks in the form, the saleslady then handed a short bond paper to me. Confused and in question, I gladly accepted it thinking it was another form to fill up. But actually, it was already my ticket or as it was popularly known “e-ticket”. So...

Since when does e-ticket really start?

I take no apology for that and don’t blame me for my “ignorant” scene of e-ticket. (haha) For my four years captive in a University offering nursing course, I know you would understand me. My perfect excuse is I was just too busy being a nursing student.

But that did not end there. Mmmmh. I am thinking of actually telling the whole story but then... that would be too long. So....
The time when I arrived at the Pier, I took confidence as I handed over my e-ticket. But would you believe that they did not accept it because I still need to get the official ticket? OH MY! It was 30 minutes before the departure time and the line was endless. Would I still make it? So, I hurried to their mini office and another OH MY! The same line, crowded plus only one ticketing officer. Now, possibility almost turned into the impossibility if ever I can still make it to the trip.

That’s it. End story of my part I of why I hate E-ticket. The Part II is a while ago while booking my ticket or e-ticket (whatever) for my trip for CEBU Sinulog.

The funny part was because of the phobia I had with e-ticket, specifically the “another” lining up for another ticket; I never avoided again the quest and trips for different ticketing offices because I actually visited each and one by one. Why? Of course to avoid my last experience with it.


The first office I visited, aside from having expensive tickets was also dispensing e-ticket. Then, I learned from my friend who bought a ticket lower than the price. I went to another again. This time, I gave up because of the same price and the same e-ticket issues I was facing.

Well, instead of finding that one ticketing office of handing out the old and official ticket instead of an e-ticket, why wouldn’t I just turn my phobia into a learning phobia. This might make things better like going to the pier earlier or hours earlier?

That’s it. My travel lesson 101, go to the pier hours earlier than the departure time. For sure, I’ll skip the hassle of waiting from a long line to get an official ticket right?

Now I couldn’t wait any longer to finally be on deck, wait for a few hours and witness SINULOG CEBU.

Read on as I take miles away from my place to seek spiritual guidance from Sto. NiƱo. Travel Premiere’s first ever trip by yours truly Nurse Germz.



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