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The Art of Eating More but Spending Less

Overspending has always been an addiction since the past but when it comes to eating, damn everything just looks delicious and the price? Delicious as well!

How about this, eating more but spending less? Boy, you’d love to do that but just how? Well, luckily I did.

In a typical Sunday evening after hearing the mass, food will always be the next destination. Since the Church was at the heart of the city, I never had problems finding one. The only minor issue was as to which. Because I was on a tight budget, any fast food that was visible within my vision or within the strength of my feet to do the walking, Chowking was the right choice.

Even at my first few steps, I was already visualizing the menu and “lauriat” was the only dish I kept seeing. But at the same time my ego kept reminding me, “Oh no, too expensive”.

Then I was already one person away from the counter, “Think, think, and decide! I want Lauriat and I can have one because I have a goal of gaining weight but what about my goal of saving? Ordering it may forego my weight goal but at the same time forfeit my other goal for savings. ” MMmmmmh?

When I took my turn, you’ll be surprise with my final order. One Fried Chicken rice meal! That’s all. And ohe, one extra rice! The funny thing was, in the extra rice part, I ordered it as “double rice.” How humiliating it was to actually treat Chowking like a “carenderya”? Haha! Below is my liquidation of eating more but spending less.

Eat More But Still Spend More
Chicken Lauriat                    P159
Halo Halo                            P69         =    P219 

Eat More But Spend Less

Fried Chicken Rice Meal      P79
Cornetto                              P22         =    P101
                                                          =     P118

Wow! I saved more and still getting the same “yum” quality from the expensive ones. Congratulations to me for I was able to control myself in such cases. You see it is just a matter of finding alternatives. If you need to save, then look for food that are of the same “Yum” factor but less price. Like below, choosing cornettio over a halo-halo is almost the same.

I just did for sure you can!



philip ortega said...

Reading this post, I could't help but share something similar. I also believe "eating more while spending less". Interestingly, like you, I like Chowking the most. And in applying the principle, I always go for Chowking's chopsuey and take note it's ala carte. And when I order I always say "Make it half cooked and less salt." Now, let's see if I get more for my money. Well, scientifically, I got all the nutrients my body needs. Got the protein, carbohydrates, beta carotene and all vitamin and minerals. Why don't I order soda? Firstly, I believe na mababalewala ang sustansya kpag my softdrink kya I drink lots of water na lang. Secondly, I am kuripot hehe. Can you tell me which one of the two is my valid reason?

nabuagermeline said...

kuripot obviously. the nutrient stuffs are pawang mga banat nlng sa mga nagtitipid to compensate or para itoy mapanindigan. am i right? i've actually moved already to my own domain. you can visit me there -> see you there. i'd love to read your blog as well.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

nakaka gutom... parang gusto ko mag halo-halo ngayon sa Chowking... :)

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