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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

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And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 05 My favourite comfort foods and why?

Six days from now and again my blog will be celebrating its second monthsary while the twenty three days that was supposedly be spent on blogging to finish my 1st monthsary challenge had been awfully wasted and was put at a corner left unnoticed. As a result, I was defeated from my very first attempt to revamp my blog.

So, I write here to have my “once again” second attempt with it. My last post was about Day 4 so I’ll be starting with Day 5. Here I go.

Day 05: My favourite comfort foods and why?

Lately, I have been craving these:


fresh salad

So, I wonder if I have this American blood hiding within my vessels since it has been dominating these past few days. Poor Filipino blood because whenever I get to look at the staple rice and the viand, it has never come to a point of praising my appetite. I still eat but it takes me a little longer to finish it. You can catch me either staring at a blank space in the middle of my “eating” or just holding the spoon. But “I wish” in the “American blood part”.

Overall, I find comfort in anything fresh and salad plus should have the cheese. This only points to one thing, a vegetable salad.

I am not really sure as to why but I guess for 22 years of eating the same thing—rice and its forever partner in life, viand, I don’t blame my stomach to be craving for another blood of food—American. (lols)

And these are my comfort foods:

cheese burger



KFC go go sandwich


Anyway, I just love the freshness of the salad. The comfort I find every time I munch every bits of it. No effort at all. Unlike with the cooked ones, when I can taste the oiliness stuff brought by the cooking oil, I don’t really like the hang of it.

But just to clarify, I do not have anorexia. Haha Though you can tell to how thin I am but no, not at all. Right now, I am doing as much as possible to catch up my previous weight—drinking vitamins and eating anything to keep my weight up. (if only I could just skip the rice and the others.tsk)

So, that’s it and at last I did manage to finish this.



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