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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

Germz of Generality

And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

Qatar Airways: My travel solution

It has been more than a year since I graduated and more than 6 months since I became a Registered Nurse, and if ever you have plans to ask me about my achievements, work and jobs as a nurse, don't even expect for an agreeable admittance for I take that as a "no" for an answer. Simply because I really hadn't had a gainful job yet and I am in a state of "I don't know" as to when that will ever be. But if your point was just to ask regarding my current status, then with pleasure I'll supply you a bunch of answers. To summarize everything I consider myself as a hard worker researcher. You know what I mean? I research every site or any site that contains the keyword job hiring, it is kind of the SEO thing, the search optimization and I don't know what O is. I have a quota of a 5 searches a day then the email, passing and other stuffs an HR personnel does. Al right, I got you and honestly it's still a no for an answer.

Just hours ago, I had a talk with a friend. You know exchange of conversation topics and the job thing as usual is the most talked about and yes another opportunity. This is what I consider the real networking and not those listening to people for just the main purpose of his/her benefit to earn thousands and fooling us that we can benefit too in the same way. It is the exchange of ideas conversation that can benefit us in almost any way. Now what this benefit and opportunity I am talking about? Take a look.

Funny it is, the picture seems to be telling something like "You too can succeed" a familiar line from among hundreds of networking companies. But the people in the picture are aviation crews in Qatar Airways. Yes, they are. The first thing that really popped out in my mind with the words, "why not apply in Qatar airlines" is danger because even though I am unprivileged in the flying part which holds true for 22 years that I have not yet ridden an airplane, a fear of crash and others that might happen unexpectedly in the air. A slap on my face for I have forgotten the existence of my blog which the very root purpose of it is travel. It took me about 10 minutes I guess to assimilate the details until I finally come in contact with reality that yes, I do need this. So, I googled it at instance and look what I just found. A highschool degree requirement for the education background? Then, a tiptoe height of 212 cm? Do you mind if I just wear a 3-inch platform? And the benefits I came in love at first of sight.

So without thinking twice, I clicked the button of apply and poof "....loading... submitting..." enk "Thank you for applying" Then, I received this.

And then again, I have no intention of raising my hopes up even relying from that word hope. I figured luck is the proper term. If it is really for me, then give it to me beybeh...haha

That's all folks.



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