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And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

Dear STARBUCKS, you are Like a Mocha Sweet Love!

Dear STARBUCKS, you are Like a Mocha Sweet Love!

starbucks 2012 planner
My whole game plane was just to collect all the stickers from Starbucks and to finally claim my ever desired first 2012 Starbucks planner. Addicted much? I know!

I started last week. It was a Thursday, 17th of Nov since it took me a little while to be aware and remember of this kind of promotion every end of the year. But at least the “lateness” was not late enough to disqualify me. Thank Goodness!

So, during the first day, I had my first two stickers (two since I was with my bf). But the real story behind this...

..was the fact that I had never been back in Starbucks for almost 5 years. Imagine? The last time was during my unforgivable high school years and most of the things that preoccupy me at that time were mainly academics and the reason why I stepped my foot on that coffee shop was to serve as a chaperone for a friend. The price for a cup of frap as far as I could remember was P115. And I thought for that gap of years, prices also did rise high but it wasn’t really that apparent.

Then 5 years after...

I took my steps back on Starbucks but it was a whole lot different than my last because I took it nervously. Who wouldn’t? For 5 years, it was impossible for me to remember all my Starbucks memories and as if I was addicted when I was able to order only once.lols I would not dare my ass go inside and ask the saleslady all about their products. That’s a total humiliation. I still got this pride.haha

So what I did, like in an emergency situation when first I had to survey the scene. I looked at almost all the nearby posters of their products. Forget about the prices, I was aiming for the names so I would correctly say it in the counter. Luckily, our seat was outside near a clear window so we were able to see from that distance the menu posted in their counter.

I exhaled and inhaled deeply (haha) and went straight inside. My perfect alibi to hide my nervousness was to get my phone and keep myself busy with the wifi. And ohe I heard a voice calling my attention and I just noticed that the other counter was already empty. I gulped for the last time. This is it!

So, my intention was really for the planner and stickers so I made it as the introduction. At least the saleslady was approachable enough to explain everything in detail and even by the time when I already said my order. She clearly clarified that what I ordered was “iced coffee” and not the “frap”, the blended one. Then, it was just later when I was able to grasp what she said that I did really order the wrong one. For in my mind, I was thinking of the shake-like coffee and after calling my name, I was holding a cup full of ice and no signs of shake-like thing. (tsk)

Then, I had my stickers. Yipee! And I did not take my eyes off it for a while because I was just too excited to get it full. The question was when? As long as it would not be later than Jan 8, everything would be fine.

So, the whole game plan I guess turned out to a different one, more of a cold, hot mixture of love. You know what I mean? Like a Mocha Sweet Love with him. You know what I mean. So, I’ll show you the best picture I got from our Starbucks memoirs. I edited it a little and here it is.



jegs said...

Sweet ^^ in case you don’t wanna buy all those coffees though spending time with your bf in starbucks is def worth it, here are the starbucks korea 2012 planners that I am selling, there’s an ongoing 7% discount valid till today Nov 22

germz said...

Thanks for the info. So I really thought the planner promotion is just exclusive in the Philippines. It's available worldwide pala... I'll think this over. thanks again.

~Travel Premiere

nabuagermeline said...

Thanks for the info. So I really thought the planner promotion is just exclusive in the Philippines. It's available worldwide pala... I'll think this over. thanks again.~Travel Premiere

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