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And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

SINULOG On The Streets!

January 29, 2012

When, the cats are done doing their Sinulog Street Parade, then the mouses will play.

From the long streets of Baseline area was where all the people were for the Sinulog Street Party was going on! Let the Party get Started!

We were just heading toward the place but I can already see a lot of people with their shirts full of paint, wet and not-so-human look. The Reason? Sinulog Street Party!

Before we could even find our seats, people came crashing with a paint on his hand and boom! Un-Artistically, they painted our faces and whew, my henna and yup my shirt that until now I could not take the dirt off.

Ika nga hindi mahulugan ng karayom was the crowd that time. But the beer can when a couple of people in their craziest minds who threw beers and keep showering it to the crowd. Urgh! I can't take the smell of it and the more if it stuck on our shirt.



The Walking to Ayala Center


I have googled of how long we had taken to walk going to Ayala. I found some mathematical data like a total of 2.4km of about 6 minutes walk. That was amazing but other than that whole day was really about walking. The transportation could not any more enter the streets due to parade neither afterwards due to the crowd.

Well, the reason was just to watch fireworks. So what if it was just all about that. The day was about to end, we would like to see something spectacular just like fireworks.


The above pic shows our route but I think not because it says that if taken a transpo. I think we went the streets in the middle like the "Elizabeth Pond". I remember we passed by Redemptorist.

So that's it. I have a video still to be uploaded at youtube. Watch for the fireworks.



Mary Jane Fitzsimmons said...

been dying to visit sinulog one day in my life dear! it sounds really exciting and my husband wanted to visit some good festivals around philippines been reading a lot of blogs about it so its nice that some one's blogging about it. i kinda like the route you made we always do that when we travel so much better to walk around haha god bless xx followed your GFC

Violy said...

I'm supposed to be there but decided otherwise... Next yr nalang ulit! ;-( Your picture is enough to convince me the you had fun! Hope to visit cebu also soon! ;)

jeffrey rilles said...

jejeje same experience gemma:) last 2011 a day before Sinulog layo nilakad namin kc punuan ang taxi pero sobrang sarap ng feeling, iba tlaga ang cebu!

Gem said...

katukayo! happy din sinulog celebration dito! new mexico-style!:)) grabe ang saya ng lakaran galore nyo!

enzo said...

I have always wanted to experience what it's like to feel the beat and the heat of Sinulog in Cebu but still I haven't got the experience yet. I just hope one day I'll be there and I will surely have the time of my life! 

enzo -

R.O.M. said...

grabe, bakit parang duguan yung isa sa picture... oops, face paint pala... :D

lakwatsero lakwatsera said...

I have always wanted to attend the Sinulog Festival. Haven't had the opportunity yet. I wonder which religious festival gets the most coverage: Sinulog or Pista ng Itim na Nazareno?

RoiR said...

It seems that your long walk was fulfilling when you watched the fireworks display?  So, how was your fireworks display experience?

Rachelle Angela Inumerable said...

I've been wanting to go to Cebu and experience Sinulog but I just never find myself free on that day. Hopefully, next year!

jhackie said...

i would like to experience that to ..
Looks like you really enjoyed it ..
Saya niyo tignan sa mga pictures niyo !!

Blair_Villanueva said...

i've missed to Sinulog this year, because of my other events.. its really FUN celebrating it with barkadas! nabigla ako sa 1st photo mo, dahil dun sa girl sa likod mo :)

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