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The nick is Germz, add some miss, nurse coz I am a nurse in the Phil. Passion never runs out in me. I travel, I wanna stand out, I heal but just don't let anything come across along the way specially when I am about to chase my biggest dream of traveling the world!

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And so I started this blog to feature all about my whereabouts here in the Philippines and out coz I can't just stay put at one place. Would you come with me? I would love to! See yah!

An afternoon of October: Trip to the Mall

An afternoon of October, when the sky seems to be cold and dark, crossing the highway and heading to the city is for the brave especially if the ride available is a motorcycle. I pray as I climb my feet on the motor step, encircle my arms to my boyfriend that the rain be postponed for a while as soon as we arrive to our destination. But without listening, the sky starts pouring small drops of rain not so hard but with deep impact once in contact to our skin. Neglecting its existence we drive past it at a faster rate still hoping to reach the place with our clothes dry and as close to normal. The faster we are, the more the sky grows wild. It seems as if it has made many accomplices turning the traffic light red when we almost reach the end, giving way for big trucks and blocking the way so in anyhow we could not make a chance. As desperate as its motive to wet us, our goal is just as pure as to arrive in the place safe and dry and so made us winners from the battle of the sky. Good game!

Whew. That is as close as getting caught in fire but the game continues as we level up for the parking space problem. Another accomplice again. We are greeted with a full-packed line of motorbikes from all walks of types. The first in line is a bit of old model as evidenced by the improvised cartoon taped at the butt part of it. I must say this one is owned from one of the personnel inside as it is parked at the most convenient part. We go further searching so to spot that very space just enough for the motor to fit but I am afraid there are none. My boyfriend then suggests that I go inside first. To skip this level of parking space problem, I head to the entrance without hesitance except in the part of opening my bag for inspection. With my sanitary napkin just scattered inside it, I think no one should see it there.

I have not checked my watch but the text message I received from him is a signal that it has been minutes already and he still did not get away and passed the hideous parking space level. I am in a bookstore. Good thing something keeps me busy while waiting. I look behind and hope no one bothers as I endlessly transfer from a rack to rack and flip every book finding for good reads. Don't worry, if ever I am gonna find something my money will be in your safe-keep. I did find it and as I am about to hand these two books for pricing and packing, a guy in a white shirt get near and oh he is my boyfriend. I almost forget that I am with someone and not alone so I decide to just come back after the more important things have been done already. For the meantime, I put you somewhere no one can track you so I still get my eyes on you by the time I come back. Be right back.

Now together at last as if we have been away for a very long time but the minutes of waiting seem to be years and made me think. Yeah, I remember the main purpose of going to the mall is to withdraw my first pay which is why we are heading there. I expertly put my hand in my bag without looking grasping the list for the day I made before. Ooh here it is. I got it just perfectly. The upper part of the list are all slashed leaving the right side and the lower part untouched. Still a handful of list here huh but things need to be postponed a little while giving way for this blogging workshop. Getting my pay is not only my very reason of going malling and spending it as much as I do because I am also meeting someone for my ticket. Sorry impulsiveness-me for you are to be kept in the corner for a while. You'll have your spotlight soon.

The second on the list is to buy some vitamins. Imagine I spent my 200 bucks in seconds for a 12-pack tablet of multivitamins. That's only for 12 days obviously and did not even reach a week. So I am gonna buy another for the next 12 days? I think so. As they say, the best investment one will ever make is health. It is past 6pm already and we have no means of starving ourselves. We are up for a new deal of food. Uhm is Greenwhich a new deal of food? Never mind me as long as it is not the daily paired-with-rice meal. Pizza is a new deal of food but I end up ordering a combo with rice but cooked of course in a not-so-daily way topped and baked with chicken ala king melting the mozzarella all the way. Yum. Yum it is but my food stayed on the table for about an hour until my last spoon of food. I can notice the table next to us is already empty and my boyfriend is already looking at my plate wondering if it will ever be finished. This is my problem lately loosing my good and heavy appetite before extending my meal hours to even days. The reason why I bought the vitamins to bring back my appetite. I open the vitamin box, tear 1 tablet for me and meditated. Another problem of having difficulty swallowing a tablet. I pause for while, I even take the sign of the cross and at last, I have swallowed it straight.

The afternoon is turned to an evening and almost to the end of the day. I head back to Robinsons to meet for the ticket and for the books I have promised to come back. And this I have shared to all of you my experience during an afternoon of October, the game with the sky, being the winners and arriving home safe and sound and as I click publish the moment I finish this post.

God bless everyone!



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